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Heavy lifting project success

Heavy lifting project: safe execution and client satisfaction

No matter what unconventional conditions arise, our heavy lifting team has the brawn and endurance to complete the task at hand.  For an Aluminum-industry client in the Southwest USA, a complete extrusion handling system assembly and a massive 4400-ton extrusion press installation called on the expertise of our heavy lifting crew and the strength of our 400-ton Gantry system, R120 Forklift, and Hydraulic Press Cart.

The winter to summer project duration was common. Still, the demanding circumstances of working outdoors in the cold, rain, and blistering heat simultaneously as the plant walls were being built were not. Despite the unusual challenge of contending with harsh outdoor conditions daily for several months, our committed heavy lifting team, backed by their powerful lifting machinery were well capable of completing both heavy installations on time and with safe execution and client satisfaction.

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