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A complete guide to rigging services and riggers

What is Rigging Rigging is the process of moving, unloading and loading heavy or bulky goods using specialized equipment. It is the use of such specialized equipment and mechanisms that distinguishes rigging from ordinary loading operations. There…

Heavy lifting project success

Heavy lifting project: safe execution and client satisfaction No matter what unconventional conditions arise, our heavy lifting team has the brawn and endurance to complete the task at hand.  For an Aluminum-industry client in the Southwest USA, a…

Building a greener future together

At Beck & Pollitzer, we are actively supporting the global transition to a greener future by supporting the battery and electric vehicle sectors and building the new manufacturing technology that will help move people to greener, more sustaina…

Battery Cells plant installation

As the world’s demand for electrification increases, Beck & Pollitzer continues to help build a greener future by supporting clients in this fast-growing area.​ Beck & Pollitzer USA’s ongoing support work for a major client entailed instal…

Battery power and Electrification

How to accurately position an NMP recovery unit in a location with restricted headroom? That was the latest challenge Beck & Pollitzer UK faced as they continue to help build a greener future by supporting clients working in battery power and …

Warehouse Automation Experts

Demand for our Warehouse automation expertise is on the up! It’s boom time for e-commerce. Businesses are seeing repetitive tasks that were once carried out by human staff now being completed by machines. And on a larger scale, warehouse-based com…

Another warehouse automated. Another client delighted.

Companies that use warehouses are increasingly introducing automated processes to speed up and streamline their operations. And they’re experiencing staggering time and cost savings along the way. It’s in this growing field that Beck & Pollitz…

The start of a Swedish success story

Mamma Mia! Here we go again, expanding our business. This time in Sweden. Our expansion into this country means we’ll be ready to support all kinds of businesses in Scandinavia with large-scale removals and installations. And we’re talking moving …
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