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Beck & Pollitzer has been a key supplier to the aerospace industry for many years. It demands the highest quality engineering services and complete dedication to Health & Safety.


Even the smallest Automotive installation project requires specialist skills. We provide these skills, as well as the equipment and experience necessary to complete projects to your satisfaction.

Battery and Electrification

The need for Electrical Vehicles (EV) is transforming the Automotive manufacturing industry due to the rise of demand for battery cells. Beck & Pollitzer provides end-to-end solutions, including installations and relocations of battery production lines anywhere in the world, helping clients to scale at speed and build a greener future.

Building Products

Beck & Pollitzer has vast industry knowledge of building products. Our teams possess the technical ability to customize solutions to support a wide range of customer needs.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Beck & Pollitzer supports both small and multinational clients in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. Our experience enables us to offer a flexible and comprehensive service package.

Metals & Minerals

Beck & Pollitzer’s knowledge and expertise within the metals industry is unrivalled. We pride ourselves on a high-quality engineering service that is safe, efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

Paper, Canning & Packaging

Beck & Pollitzer has over 30 years’ experience in the paper, canning and packaging sector. We can provide total project management and integrated service.

Other Industries

Beck & Pollitzer strives to provide a wide range of services for its clients. We, therefore, ensure we can adapt our expertise for a variety of industries.

Warehouse Automation

Beck & Pollitzer is a global leader in large warehouse automation. Our installation services include: Conveying Systems, ASRS, Robots, Fulfilment Systems, Sort/Pick, All-types of Material Handling. We deliver premium installations worldwide for all types of storage systems.

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