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Relocation and assembly of an airland plant

Montagen plus exceeds expectations with the relocation of a state-of-the-art system

Montagen plus, part of Beck & Pollitzer Group, recently completed a vast eight-month relocation of an airlaid plant for a Germany-based client.

The project began with the disassembling of the old plant by our specialists. The plant components weighing tons were then carefully crane-lifted onto over thirty trucks, including several special transports, and transferred to the new site. The new location, which has a production area of about 9000 sqm, meant that coordination and accuracy were vital – a team of 25 mechanics and electricians were waiting at the new site to assemble the process (a total length of 75 m, height –7 m, width–6m width) with Montagen plus’s trademark millimetre precision.

In February 2021, with the utmost care paid to health, safety and hygiene, Montagen plus handed over the state-of-the-art system, ready to be switched on.

The years of experience and expertise displayed did not go unnoticed by the client: ‘The high-quality handling, the flexibility in acting as well as the completion on schedule have confirmed the correctness of our decision to choose Montagen plus, part of Beck & Pollitzer Group.’

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