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Packing of a Jensen Interceptor

Packing of a Jensen Interceptor for transport to Kuwait in 1969

This week’s ThrowbackThursday is from 1969. It shows a Beck & Pollitzer engineer at the Smethwick works in the West Midlands, packing a Jensen Interceptor for transport to Kuwait.
The Jensen Interceptor was a British luxury sports car, hand-built in West Bromwich between 1966 and 1976. Although the car was ultimately owned and manufactured by Jensen, the original bodywork was designed by an Italian company, Carrozzeria Touring.
This ‘grand touring’ car (meaning it was designed for both high speed and long-distance driving) was one of 6,408 models that were shipped all over the world.
Although Beck & Pollitzer still work within the Automotive industry, our responsibilities have evolved from what they were in 1969. We support top international manufacturers, component suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) on a range of projects, including international assembly line relocation, factory disassembly and specialist machinery installations.
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