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Transporting a carriage, Brighton Belle train

Transporting a carriage from the famous ‘Brighton Belle’ train in 1976

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday is from 1976. It shows Beck & Pollitzer transporting the ‘Brighton Belle’, a UK train that ran from Victoria Station in London to Brighton on the south coast.

The Brighton Belle was a significant load for Beck & Pollitzer, not only due to its size but also due to its history. The train, which consisted of fourteen carriages, was a flagship electric train—the first of many created during Southern Railway’s mass electrification project in the 1930s. Until Brighton Belle rode the rails (from 1933), steam engines were the most prevalent method of rail transport.

The Brighton Belle was the world’s only electric ‘all Pullman’ service, which meant that each carriage was a luxury car that offered a first-class service to its commuters, including its very own steward service. Unfortunately, by 1972, the train rode poorly in comparison to its modern rivals and, despite protests, the decision was made to retire the trains.

The Brighton Belle was split into separate carriages in the decade that followed, sold and shipped to different owners (pictured). Some became novelty restaurants, some were used as ‘bolt-on’ luxury carriages for other trains, and one still remains in use as B&B accommodation at the Little Mill Inn, Derbyshire.

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