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Beck & Pollitzer is part of the global transition to a greener future by supporting the battery and EV sector and building the new manufacturing technology that help move people to greener, more sustainable energy.

Battery and Electrification

Battery and Electrification

The rise of the Electrical Vehicle (EV) is transforming the Automotive manufacturing industry and pushing the demand for battery cells. Beck & Pollitzer provides a complete end-to-end solution for the Automation / Electrification industry.

Our set of services includes:

  • Installation and relocations of Battery production lines across the world
  • Installation of Press lines, Body in White and assembly lines for Battery Electric Vehicles
  • Modifications of existing Body in White for hybrid variants
  • Throughout the transformation of the Automotive landscape, Beck & Pollitzer can support automakers and OEMs with their transition towards Battery Electric Vehicles.

Beck & Pollitzer enables the evolution of Manufacturing lines towards full electrification

Battery Cells



  • Underbody

  • Battery Cells

  • Powertrain

Case Study

Battery Cells plant installation

Installation of process equipment for the manufacturing of rechargeable batteries – Beck & Pollitzer USA was awarded their biggest project to date.
Our client has created the plant with plans to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. They plan to do this through increasingly affordable electric vehicles and energy products. Beck & Pollitzer oversaw the installation of process equipment for the manufacturing of rechargeable batteries for the Automotive giant.
Challenges included the installation of a large Anode Dryer System in tight quarters and working around multiple contractors/trades, as well as working on 3 floor levels simultaneously. However, these challenges were successfully overcome through strategic planning and excellent staff organization. And the maintenance support we continue to provide this client is helping them take a step closer to achieving their aim of bringing affordable electrification to the world.

5 years

Continued presence


Collaboration with multiple stakeholders


Operatives on site
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