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Metals & Minerals

Metals & Minerals

Our expertise within the metals and minerals industry is unrivalled. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality engineering services that are safe, efficient, cost effective and reliable. In addition, our global capability guarantees excellent service, regardless of where a project may be located.

We offer a range of services, including:

  • Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) Converter processes
  • Casting processes
  • Rolling & forming equipment
  • Stamping & shaping equipment
  • Recycling & crushing plant
  • New equipment and revamps

Case Study

Technological equipment installation

Beck & Pollitzer worked on a large-scale project at a gold mining plant in Russia. The scope of work including equipment installation and welding, as well as installing pipelines and absorber charges at the No. 2 oxygen station.
The main equipment consisted of heavy units, including the valve module (weighing 27 tons) and 2x oxygen compressors (weighing 33 tons each). In addition, there were 23 tons of absorbers, as well as other special equipment for working in a pure oxygen environment.
Our team were forced to use non-standard installation solutions because conditions in the workshop were constrained. Firstly, the team carried equipment using special lifting building berths. Secondly, as the absorbers and buffer tank did not fit – but all connecting pipes were unique and irreplaceable – the team cut the concrete to the required height instead. They additionally expelled all irregularities to 0.000 using a non-shrinking mixture.


logistical requirements


tons of equipment relocated


man hours

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