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Mechanical & electrical installations for a plastic recycling plant

Client overview: Beck & Pollitzer UK was approached by a leading blue-chip plastics company to undertake a challenging project: the mechanical and electrical installation of a state-of-the-art plastic recycling plant. Collaborating closely with two original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we embarked on a mission to revolutionise plastic recycling processes.

Scope of work: Our comprehensive work scope encompassed a range of critical tasks. From offloading and marking out centre lines to full equipment assembly, line levelling, and installation of electrical services, compressed air, and process water, Beck & Pollitzer left no stone unturned in ensuring a seamless installation process.

Key Installations:

  1. Plastic recycling production lines: Installation of two cutting-edge plastic recycling production sorting and wash lines, designed to enhance efficiency and sustainability in plastic waste management.
  2. Water treatment plant: Implementation of a sophisticated water treatment plant -crucial for ensuring eco-friendly and responsible recycling processes.
  3. Erema extruder machines: Installation of three Erema extruder machines, complete with silos, to facilitate the transformation of recycled plastics into high-quality raw materials.

Duration: Spanning over 20+ months with ongoing works, Beck & Pollitzer’s commitment to excellence and precision has been unwavering throughout the project. Our dedicated team continues to ensure the successful implementation and optimisation of the recycling plant’s machinery and systems.

Results and impact: The successful mechanical and electrical installation of critical machinery has not only streamlined the plastic recycling process but also significantly contributed to the client’s sustainability goals. By leveraging our expertise in machinery installation and meticulous attention to detail, Beck & Pollitzer has helped our client achieve operational efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Conclusion: Beck & Pollitzer’s involvement in this project showcases our prowess in machinery installation, electrical and mechanical expertise, and commitment to sustainable solutions. As we continue to work diligently on ongoing phases, we remain dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in every aspect of machinery installation and industrial services.

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