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Seamless industrial relocation of production lines

At Beck & Pollitzer, we pride ourselves on executing intricate machinery relocations with precision and efficiency. Our recent project involved the relocation of various technologies for the production of retracks for our client who is a global leader in the manufacture and development of advanced materials handling technology. The machines were moved from their German division in Norderstedt to the new production facility in Vrskmaň.

Scope of work: Our comprehensive scope of work encompassed the loading of dismantled technologies, secure transport to the Czech Republic, and precise unloading and positioning in accordance with the provided layout. The complexity of the task required strategic planning and expertise in machinery relocation.

Operational tools: To ensure a smooth transition, we deployed a Forklift Truck (FLT) with a 5-ton capacity and a Scissor Lift. These tools, operated by our skilled team, played a pivotal role in handling the dismantled technologies with care and precision.

Time-sensitive execution: Acknowledging the time-sensitive nature of the project, we commenced operations promptly after receiving the Request for Quotation (RFQ) on May 10th. Despite the tight schedule, our dedicated team initiated work on May 24th, ensuring a seamless relocation process.

Operatives and expertise: A team of five highly skilled operatives meticulously executed the project. Their expertise, honed through years of experience in industrial relocation, guaranteed the efficient handling and positioning of the technologies.

Successful completion and satisfied client: We are proud to announce that the project was completed on time, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our client. The satisfaction of our clients is a testament to our commitment to excellence in every phase of the relocation process.

In summary, Beck & Pollitzer Czech successfully relocated technology lines from Norderstedt (DE) to Vrskmaň (CZ), showcasing our proficiency in machinery moving and production line relocation. Trust Beck & Pollitzer for seamless and reliable solutions tailored to your machinery relocation needs. Call us today!