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Mechanical and electrical installation of a canning line

At Beck & Pollitzer, we excel in executing complex installations with precision and unwavering commitment to safety. Beck & Pollitzer Hungary, was contracted to complete the mechanical and electrical installation of a new canning line for a beverage client. The project involved the installation of the canning line within a live production environment, requiring meticulous planning and execution to avoid any contamination of existing production lines.

Our scope of work encompassed a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Mechanical and electrical installation of the canning line equipment
  • Offloading, movement, and precise alignment of machinery
  • Assembly and connection of all canning line components
  • Installation and cabling of main electrical power distribution boards

Unique Challenges:

Working adjacent to an active production area posed unique challenges. Careful coordination with the client was essential to install conveyors and electrical cabinets to steel structure platforms without disrupting operations. This required meticulous planning, focused logistics, and heightened safety measures to safeguard both personnel and production integrity.

Precision Execution:

Over the course of 8 months, our dedicated team of 79 operatives meticulously installed approximately 60 tons of power and control cables, alongside ~15 tons of cable routes, ensuring seamless integration and functionality of the canning line.

The successful completion of the installation project resulted in a satisfied client, reaffirming our reputation for excellence in delivering complex installations with precision and safety at the forefront.

As industry leaders in machinery installation and health & safety compliance, Beck & Pollitzer offers unparalleled expertise and a proven track record of client satisfaction. Our team of experienced engineers and project managers can help you navigate your machinery relocation or installation challenge.

Trust us for your next installation project, where precision meets safety, and excellence is guaranteed. Call us today!