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Maintenance and installation work

Royal Artillery Memorial – maintenance and installation work for the British Government

This ThrowbackThursday is from the 1940s and shows Beck & Pollitzer providing maintenance and installation work for the British Government.

The statue in the photograph is the Royal Artillery Memorial, which stands today at Hyde Park Corner in London. The statue was designed by Charles Jagger and Lionel Pearson to commemorate the casualties of the First World War. It was unveiled in 1925 and features four bronze figures of artillerymen, with stone reliefs of scenes from the conflict.

In 1949, a set of plaques were added to the south of the memorial (pictured). These commemorated the 29,924 Royal Artillerymen who lost their lives in the Second World War.

Beck & Pollitzer has undertaken many jobs for HM Government over the years, having been a contractor for them since the 1920s. Other installations include decorations for King George and Queen Mary’s Silver Jubilee in 1935 and some restoration work for Windsor Castle in the 1990s.