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Installation of an automated warehouse for a production plant

Beck & Pollitzer undertook another warehouse automation project for a dairy producer, which was completed successfully on time.

The task included the installation of a fully automated warehouse system, which will operate at a very low temperature of -27 C. One of the main challenges faced by the site engineers for this complex project was the limited space – from the highest point of the stacker crane to the ceiling of the room was less than 50 mm, so all the work had to be done with pinpoint precision.

This project consisted of 45 installation specialists, 2 engineers and 1 safety engineer under the expert supervision of the project manager. They installed 3 sets of warehouse complex steel structures with automatic loading and unloading of products.

The project was delivered on time, and the customer was satisfied with the professionalism and integrated approach to the tasks set by our Beck & Pollitzer team. With a constantly growing number of operating locations, Beck & Pollitzer can undertake any kind of warehouse automation project throughout the world. Contact your local branch to discuss your project need!