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Installation of 180 machines in the 1950s

Installation of 180 machines in just 3 days for an electronic components manufacturer!

This ThrowbackThursday is an impressive project from the 1950s. Beck & Pollitzer undertook an installation project for the Mullard Valve Co. at their Mitcham plant in the London borough of Merton.

The Mullard Valve Company was a subsidiary of Mullards, a British manufacturer of electronic components. Mullards had three other plants in the UK besides the one in Mitcham; they were located in Blackburn, Southport and Simonstone.

As such a large manufacturer of electronic components, the installation job was significant. Beck & Pollitzer was contracted to install 180 machines at the Mitcham, a successfully completed project in just 3 days!

Beck & Pollitzer is used to working to strict schedules and meeting vital deadlines.