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A True Original

This week’s Throwback Thursday is from 1921 and shows a Beck & Pollitzer exhibition stand designed and built for C.A. Hunton & Sons. It featured among similar displays at the International Shipping, Engineering and Machinery Exhibition at Olympia, London.

C.A. Hunton & Sons was an engineering company founded by Charles Albert Hunton and his sons, Harold and Ronald, in 1911. Although they specialised in engineering equipment, such as punches, dies and shearing machines, Charles Hunton is also credited for creating ‘The Hunton’ in 1906 (pictured). The Hunton was an adjustable spanner ‘especially applicable for use with automobiles and machinery, whereby the movement can be effected with one hand’. This original piece of equipment was 6 inches long and grew in popularity from 1913.

Today, Beck & Pollitzer works with Original Equipment Manufacturers in a very different way—and on a much larger scale! Within the automotive sector, we have an established client list which includes top international manufacturers and OEMs, plus a wealth of machinery relocation and installation experience to suit every client’s needs.