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Beck & Pollitzer’s most elaborate exhibition stands, built-in 1913

This beautiful building is actually one of Beck & Pollitzer’s most elaborate exhibition stands. Built-in 1913 for display at the Jewellers and Silversmiths Exhibition, this elaborate façade boasted two floors, a working staircase, roman pillars, functioning doors, windows and even a balcony!

The exhibition was built for the Wurtemberg Electro Plate Co., a metalwork company that was founded by Daniel Straub in 1853. Wurtemberg offered a range of metalwork services, from large architectural and monumental bronze work, to finer creations like jewellery and pure silver inkpots.

The company had factories all over the world: in Copenhagen, Cologne, Berlin, Vienna and Moscow, but obviously wanted to make an impression at the London-based 1913 exhibition.

With such a beautiful display, it’s easy to imagine they succeeded—and it’s clear Beck & Pollitzer has always been willing to go the extra mile for clients!