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Battery Cells plant installation

As the world’s demand for electrification increases, Beck & Pollitzer continues to help build a greener future by supporting clients in this fast-growing area.​

Beck & Pollitzer USA’s ongoing support work for a major client entailed installing process equipment for the manufacturing of rechargeable batteries at its Gigafactory. Our expertise is helping this client meet its aim to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy sources by creating affordable electrical energy products, including vehicles.​

As with most heavy machinery installation projects, our team faced unique challenges for which we quickly and effectively developed innovative solutions. Installing a large Anode Dryer System in a confined area was a key challenge here. The machine installation services we provide also required the Beck & Pollitzer USA team of 120 operatives to install eight complete electrode production lines across three floors of the plant simultaneously. All while various contractors and tradespeople carried out their tasks around the plant.​

Naturally, the experience of our team and their expertise in strategic planning and organizing resources ensured the project ran smoothly, successfully, and safely. And the maintenance support we continue to provide this client is helping them take a step closer to achieving their aim of bringing affordable electrification to the world.

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