Another warehouse automated. Another client delighted.

Companies that use warehouses are increasingly introducing automated processes to speed up and streamline their operations. And they’re experiencing staggering time and cost savings along the way.

It’s in this growing field that Beck & Pollitzer USA has the installation experience required. One of our teams has just successfully completed a warehouse automated system installation, this one located in southern Florida, for a client that’s an expert in optimising supply chains.

Such projects require precise installation of machinery and equipment. As on most projects, our expert team had to overcome a series of unique challenges. One of the biggest was the lack of space for staging and pre-assembly of components. But, as usual, Beck & Pollitzer USA overcome this obstacle, developing innovative solutions that enabled them to work in the reduced space and meet the client’s demands and expectations. Indeed, the project progressed two weeks ahead of schedule.

It’s another example of Beck & Pollitzer’s ability to install complex systems and equipment at speed and always to the strictest health and safety specifications. Another delighted client now has an automated warehouse in which they can exploit the many benefits that automation brings.

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