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Rigging of 1600-ton injection moulding machines in SC, USA

Beck & Pollitzer USA was chosen to manage the heavy rigging project for a client in Boiling Springs, S.C.

The installation of two 1600+ ton injection moulding machines demanded a capable and well-skilled team of riggers and safety-driven experts. With the aid of an 80k forklift, a 40/60 hoist lift, and a 130-ton crane, the injection moulding machines were successfully offloaded, levelled, and aligned by our field crew of five.

The day of offloading was met with cold below normal May temperatures and pouring rain, along with heavy oversized machinery and a challenging elevated entry door. Our expert team of riggers, however, persevered through the long 13-hour day to fulfil tight schedules, safety measures, and client satisfaction.

With business units in more than 19 countries and 160 years of experience in providing engineering services, we can perform projects all over the world. For reliable, safe and proven results on your next heavy equipment project, contact the industrial rigging experts at Beck & Pollitzer.


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