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Disassembly and removal of Komatsu forging press

Beck & Pollitzer Hungary successfully completed a machine disassembly project for a renowned auto parts manufacturer. Our scope of work was to match-mark, disconnect, disassemble, pack, and load a forging press on trucks.

We had to disassemble not only the slide, clutch, brake, and pinion shaft but also the main shaft due to the size restriction of the planned overseas transport. Additionally, the pit covers of cooling water piping had to be strengthened during the movement of heavy loads.

Our team of 10 operatives utilised specific lifting tools and equipment for the project which included:

  • 500t power tower
  • 7t and 3t FLT
  • boom lift
  • 200t crane

After the loading of the equipment, some finishing touches were also provided by our Hungarian team such as cutting of the steel structure of the press machine’s pit and base frame. In addition, we also had to remove the accumulated oil and grease from the pit. After 2500 project hours, the machinery removal project was completed on time and with the total satisfaction of the customer.

If you need help with your next machinery removal or disassembly project, please contact your local Beck & Pollitzer office.