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Successful cosmetic bottling line relocation: Ohio to Texas

As we approach the four-week mark, Beck & Pollitzer USA is proud to announce the successful completion of a cosmetic bottling line relocation from Ohio to Texas. Our team meticulously handled the entire process, from mechanical and electrical disassembly, packing, and loading, to unloading and complete reassembly of 42 major and delicate components.

This project highlights our commitment to safety and client satisfaction in the FMCG industry. This machinery relocation included moving a 13,000+ lbs packaging unit, the largest component, into the new facility’s production line—a feat showcased in our project video.

Kudos to our outstanding team for delivering another flawlessly executed project. Your hard work and dedication have once again proven Beck & Pollitzer’s expertise and reliability. Well done!

If you are planning a machinery relocation, contact our local office to discuss how our extensive experience can assist you with your project.