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CFO visit to India

Ivo Vesselinov, Chief Financial Officer of Beck and Pollitzer recently visited our Indian operations to meet with clients and colleagues to see for himself how the team are continuing our strategy of growth in Asia.

During his time he visited a French Multinational Company producing plastic auto exterior components near Pune. The French Technical Project Manager and the local plant assistant Technical Manager were very complimentary about the work performed by the Beck & Pollitzer Indian team. In particular they commented on our Project Manager, Manoj Yadav for delivering ahead of schedule, our technical competency and last, but not least, our health & safety policies and practices.

Pictured are: left to right – Pandit Gade, Supervisor; Manoj Yadav, Project Manager; Ivo Veselinov, Chief Financial Officer and Suhas Kulkarni, General Manager India.

Ivo also visited the offices in Pune meeting a number of colleagues and discussing our strategy with his finance and other key colleagues and in the picture are left to right:

Front row: Abhilasha Choudhary, Executive Commercial & Compliance; Archana Pimple, Office Manager; Ivo Vesselinov, Chief Financial Officer, Group and Vidya Kadane, Manager Finance & Accounts

Back row: Richard Saidl, Director; Aniket More, Engineer Business Development; Pravin Devanpalli,  Project Manager andSuhas Kulkarni, General Manager, India

At the end of his visit Ivo said that Beck & Pollitzer has one way of working throughout globally and our people were following the European best practices.