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Body Shop equipment installation

The race to deliver EVs is go, go, go!​

The worldwide race to bring EVs to market is on! And it’s a race Beck & Pollitzer USA is in pole position to help its Arizona-based client win.​

The team was awarded the contract to install Body Shop equipment — specifically conveyors and robotic work cells — in their car plant last summer. Yes, it was located in the middle of the desert. Yes, it was super-hot. But so were the skills of the Beck & Pollitzer USA experts, who all kept their cool in the face of challenging targets and sweltering heat to meet deadlines using fewer manhours than initially estimated.​

The task required the use of forklifts, man lifts, welding machines and an indoor crane to hit targets, and we reached the chequered flag on time and budget, leaving a delighted client ready to roll out EVs that are going to contribute to making the world a greener place. What a finish!