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Beck & Pollitzer delivers seamless welding shop installation

At Beck & Pollitzer Czech, we are excited to share our success story in the mechanical installation of UB + UG lines for a prominent supplier of welding shops. This project showcases our expertise in handling complex installations for leading industrial companies specialising in automated production.

Client overview: Our client, a renowned player in the automotive industry, embarked on a strategic initiative to introduce new vehicle models into their production line. This required the installation of advanced welding shop equipment to support the manufacturing of these innovative vehicles.

Scope of work: Beck & Pollitzer Czech was entrusted with the comprehensive mechanical installation of 10 new welding lines, comprising a total of 160 pieces of robots and associated accessories. The scope of work included the meticulous coordination and deployment of 30 operatives, who worked diligently over 7 months to complete the project.

  1. Mechanical installation: Our skilled technicians meticulously installed the welding lines, ensuring precision and adherence to industry standards.
  2. Robotics integration: We seamlessly integrated 160 robots into the welding lines, optimizing automation and efficiency in the production process.
  3. Positioning and levelling: Each component of the welding shop equipment was carefully positioned, levelled, and anchored to guarantee stability and operational effectiveness.

Challenges overcome: The project presented unique challenges, particularly in coordinating the installation of a large number of robots and ensuring seamless integration with existing production systems. Our team’s experience, coupled with meticulous planning and execution, allowed us to overcome these challenges effectively.

Results and impact: Through our dedicated efforts, Beck & Pollitzer Czech successfully completed the welding shop installation, enabling our client to ramp up the production of new vehicle models without disruptions. The integrated robotic systems enhanced productivity, quality control, and overall manufacturing efficiency for our client.

Conclusion: This case study exemplifies Beck & Pollitzer’s commitment to delivering exceptional machinery installation services tailored to the specific needs of our automotive clients. Our expertise in handling complex projects and integrating advanced technologies positions us as a trusted partner for companies striving for excellence in automated production environments.

To find out how Beck & Pollitzer can support your industrial installation needs and drive operational excellence, call us today.