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Successful installation of agricultural grain silos

Beck & Pollitzer Hungary recently accomplished a remarkable feat by successfully completing the installation of three agricultural grain silos in Hungary. Despite facing various challenges throughout the project, the team’s unwavering commitment to efficiency and professionalism enabled them to deliver the turnkey project on time.

The installation process was not without its fair share of obstacles. The team encountered difficulties such as mismatching entry points, missing parts, unpredictable weather conditions, and challenging site conditions. Despite these challenges, our experienced team demonstrated their expertise and resourcefulness to overcome each hurdle. Their relentless dedication and ability to adapt allowed them to successfully navigate through the complexities of the project.

To ensure the smooth execution of the installation, we utilised a range of specialised equipment. A 30-ton mobile crane, a 4-ton telehandler, and several containers were deployed to facilitate the assembly process. Additionally, the team utilised more than 80,000 screws to securely fasten the components together. The installation height of 28 meters posed an additional challenge, which was skillfully managed by the team.

The successful completion of the project can be attributed to the expertise and dedication of the Beck & Pollitzer team. Comprising 20 members, including engineers, fitters, experienced management, site supervisors, and health and safety supervisors, the team worked in unison to ensure the project’s success. Their combined efforts contributed to the seamless and safe completion of the installation.

The exceptional performance of our team in completing the project on time left a lasting impression on the client. Recognising the team’s professionalism and ability to overcome challenges, the client expressed their desire to continue the partnership. This achievement not only highlights the success of the project but also serves as a testament to the trust and satisfaction that Beck & Pollitzer consistently delivers to its clients.

The collaboration between engineers, fitters, management, and supervisors ensured a safe and efficient machinery installation process. With the client’s satisfaction and a continued partnership, we reinforce our position as a leading provider of machinery installation services.

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