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Relocation of a key production sector

In southern Germany, montagen plus part of Beck & Pollitzer Group is supporting Kessler + Co., Abtsgmünd, a leading manufacturer of drive components for heavy-duty vehicles. Kessler + Co. develops, manufactures and sells planetary shafts, wheel drives and gear units for a number of different purposes, such as construction machinery, mobile cranes, transhipment devices, and underground vehicles.

The relocation of the production sector “mechanical processing” to a new production hall includes first of all 9 multi-axial machining centres with pallet storage units from manufacturers Mandelli, SSB and Hüller-Hille.

Over the course of several weeks, and during ongoing production, the following services will be performed:

  • measuring and labelling of all machines
  • electrical and mechanical disassembly
  • packaging and loading for transportation
  • unloading and integrating at destination
  • mechanical and electrical installation until operational readiness
  • commissioning of the Hüller-Hille machining centre, including pallet storage unit

We are committed to providing the highest standard of project execution, safely delivered, on time, anywhere in the world.

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