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Relocation and assembly of a fully automated production line

Beck & Pollitzer Germany recently completed a successful project that involved the relocation and assembly of a fully automated production line for electric drives. The project, which aimed to contribute to a greener future, involved moving the production line from Germany to France and assembling it on-site.

The interlinked production line covered a total area of 900 square meters and included various components such as transport gantries, robot stations for loading and unloading, gantry grippers with calibrated axis systems, bending machines, gluing systems, laser welding and extraction systems, cooling tunnels, test cells, and packaging units. The complexity and scale of the project required meticulous planning and execution.

While the dismantling process was taking place in Germany, the team at Beck & Pollitzer Germany simultaneously assembled the production line at its destination in France. This was done based on detailed technical documentation and prior measurements, ensuring that the assembly process was accurate and precise. Laser systems were used to calibrate the various components, further ensuring the accuracy of the assembly.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of the project and assembly managers, as well as the 24 skilled workers involved, the project was completed one week ahead of schedule. The team’s commitment to safety and adherence to health and safety standards played a crucial role in the successful completion of the project. Additionally, the use of state-of-the-art equipment and tools further enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the machinery installation process.

Looking ahead, Beck & Pollitzer Germany is already planning and preparing for the relocation of the next production lines for a greener future. The company’s commitment to sustainability and its expertise in handling complex installations make it well-positioned to contribute to the ongoing shift towards more environmentally friendly technologies.

If you are planning an international machinery relocation project, please contact our local office.