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Rebranding in Germany

One name. One goal. And now one brand.

montagen plus joined the Beck & Pollitzer Group in early 2019 and has contributed greatly to our development in Germany. In October 2020, we took the first step to bring together Beck & Pollitzer Deutschland GmbH and montagen plus GmbH under one legal entity, Beck & Pollitzer Germany GmbH, whilst at the same time keeping montagen plus with its blue logo and original identity.

From 1st October 2021, we will take the next step and unify our business in Germany under one brand name, Beck & Pollitzer. The brilliance of our German team has earned the business a growing reputation for excellence. We’re regarded as leading providers of services for the assembly and relocation of machinery and manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries.

Clients can expect the same outstanding service they’ve always received. And in Labour leasing for the German mechanical engineering industry, we’ll continue to support our valued customers with our subsidiary montageprofis.

Join us in celebrating the completion of the rebrand and watch this space for news of how the team is helping to grow Beck & Pollitzer across Europe.