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Furnace installation

Beck & Pollitzer Russia completed the installation of a new furnace at the largest manufacturer of recyclable metal beverage and food containers.

Operating in Leningrad Region, Russia, our team disconnected the old furnace from utilities and dismantled the ventilation systems. The equipment was then removed from the workshop and the team installed the new furnace and ventilation systems, connecting them to the utilities.

During the production process, the base of the can is washed with a cleaning solution. The cans are then rinsed with distilled water and dried in the oven. To ensure the metal does not affect the taste of the can, several layers of food varnish are applied, as well as further drying if necessary.

The client expressed their deep gratitude to the Beck & Pollitzer team for their excellent performance during the new oven installation, highlighting ‘outstanding technical background’ and ‘perfect engineering skills.’