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Equipment installation for cans production

Beck & Pollitzer Russia show a ‘can-do’ attitude by starting an extensive equipment installation of aluminium can production plant

Beck & Pollitzer Russia have crossed the Bering Strait by going into business with a USA-based client, originally hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 1990, the client specialises in manufacturing and maintaining aluminium cans for a variety of purposes.

The project commenced in a plant-based in Argayash, Chelyabinsk. The work involves unloading and installing equipment for can production, followed by the installation of steel structures and conveyor systems, all overseen by the Beck & Pollitzer Russia’s specialist management.

The Beck & Pollitzer team’s years of experience and expertise means they will also be heading the installation of compressed air pipelines, water supply systems, drain and vacuum pipelines, and electrical works.

Beck & Pollitzer are pleased to be going into business with a client whose portfolio is as diverse as their own. The client also specialises in a wide range of industries, including the oil and gas sector as well as manufacturing own equipment for can production.