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Dryer drum reinstallation

Global-scale machinery installation, a successful collaboration between our multiple Business Units

In the middle of 2020, Beck & Pollitzer Ukraine was contracted by a repeat global client to reinstall a plant dismantled a year earlier in Bischweier, Germany, with the joint efforts of 6 of our Business Units – Germany, Hungary, Czech, Poland, Romania and Russia.

The global-scale machinery installation project started early in November 2020. One of the biggest challenges was the welding and assembly of an 8m wide, 600t dryer, and the erection of an 85m high chimney. Beck & Pollitzer Russia brought their high integrity welding experience to support the welding process.

Each project that Beck & Pollitzer undertake comes with its unique set of challenges, and this was no different. Winter temperatures in the north-western Ukraine region can fall below -15°c, and this means that welding equipment needs to be preheated with propane burners to beat the winter frosts.

The successful collaboration between our multiple Business Units is a testament to Beck & Pollitzer’s professionalism and standardised processes, allowing our teams to work cohesively on a global scale.

With a constantly growing number of operating locations, Beck & Pollitzer can now undertake any kind of industrial installation project throughout the world. Please contact your closest office who will guide you through.