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Complete industrial relocations for a leading OEM partner

Beck & Pollitzer, a renowned industrial solutions provider, recently demonstrated its unwavering commitment to excellence through the successful relocation and installation of four expansive industrial halls for a trusted OEM partner in the automotive industry. This project, encompassing over 2000 m2, exemplifies our status as the preferred choice among OEM partners.

Challenges: The task at hand involved dismantling and relocating 31 machines across the four halls, totalling over 2000 m2, while ensuring minimal disruption to the existing infrastructure. Unforeseen obstacles, such as delayed hall readiness, added complexity to the relocation project.

Solutions: Executing with precision, our dedicated team invested 3237 project hours in dismantling, relocating, and reinstalling the machines. A new infrastructure was meticulously constructed in an unused site area, ensuring it met safety standards for machine installation. The team seamlessly handled electrical, piping, and lining requirements for the relocated machines.

Results: Despite unexpected challenges, our commitment to delivering unparalleled service prevailed. All 31 machines were successfully relocated and installed before the estimated deadline, garnering complete satisfaction from the client. The project’s success reinforces Beck & Pollitzer’s standing as an industry leader in comprehensive industrial relocations.

Conclusion: Beck & Pollitzer’s prowess in handling complete hall relocations showcases our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. As a favoured option for OEM collaborators, we continue to exceed expectations in delivering seamless, efficient, and safe machinery relocation and installation solutions. Contact your nearest office today!