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Body in White installation challenge for a greener future

Beck & Pollitzer USA is delighted to announce it’s been awarded the project to install a new Body in White for an electrification client based in California.

Work is already well underway and is seeing our experts work alongside the OEM to install inner and outer body sides (left and right) as well as the final hang online, roller tables, lift systems and associated structures. The team is using its Body in White experience to benefit a client that’s taking huge strides towards making electrical vehicles more affordable for people all over the world.

The project has an extremely short installation deadline, with the design-to-build time-compressed and requiring multiple modifications to be carried out with the OEM on-site. Already, there have been challenges to the supply chain, caused by wildfires in the California area. But, as ever, the Beck & Pollitzer USA team is performing to the highest standards and meeting its targets to ensure our client can deliver its revolutionary EV model on time and on budget.