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Successful installation of one of the world’s biggest automated filing cabinets

Beck & Pollitzer thrives on big challenges, and the contract we were awarded in 2018 posed us one of our biggest. Not just in terms of the size of the automated filing system we were installing, but also because many of the 2 billion pages of paper documents that the system would store were top secret.

This industrial automation was carried out amid the strictest security measures imaginable, with controls in place to ensure the safety of the documents. Over 24,000 grid cells were installed, along with mechanical and electrical sections of the conveyor system.

The Beck & Pollitzer team built the system in three separate chambers, each connected to the others by two bridges. This enabled the 140 robots that operated the system to access all areas. Fire doors were also installed in access points, all programmed to close in the event of fire. This project demonstrated Beck & Pollitzer’s ability to thrive under pressure in a tightly regulated environment.

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