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Machine installation and relocation services

Businesses grow and, as a result, their machinery requirements can change. This is why Beck & Pollitzer offers a range of machine installation and relocation services to suit its clients’ needs.
We can deliver projects of any size, from single machine installations within an existing site, to the relocation of entire factories from one country – or continent – to another.
Some of our competitors may approach projects with a ‘lift and shift’ mentality, but we do things differently. As a key part of the Beck & Pollitzer service is listening, we work in partnership with you to minimise the disruption to your operations. Wherever possible, our teams will provide the technical guidance to streamline your new set up, therefore ensuring delivery that’s on time and on budget.
Over the last 150 years, Beck & Pollitzer has built an unrivalled knowledge of successful machine moving requirements. Our experience enables us to identify and troubleshoot any potential problems before they arise.
This was the first time we had used Beck & Pollitzer… we were glad we did and will not hesitate to use them in the future.

Beck & Pollitzer Machine Services include:

  • Designing single machine moves
  • New equipment installations
  • International relocation
  • Heavy lifting
  • Internal reorganisation
  • Factory removals and relocation
  • Transport, lifting and storage
  • Commitment to Health & Safety

Case Study

UK plant global relocation

In 2018, Beck & Pollitzer was contracted by a global automotive client to empty a UK factory. The factory stopped production on 30th April and the new tenants intended to move in from 1st October. As a result, the team was required to work to a strict schedule.
The project ran from 1st May – 30th September and the scope of work was comprehensive. Firstly, our team disconnected and dismantled all of the production equipment. Then they removed, scrapped or relocated the components, including processing raw materials and steelwork.
This project is an example of excellent collaboration between seven of our divisions, despite very little language crossover. We arranged daily meetings to make sure everyone knew what they were doing, from the Czech, UK and Romanian teams who prepared the gantries, to the French team who removed Extruder 9 and the Polish team who assisted in the removal of the ‘Z’ section. We also worked with the client’s maintenance staff to decommission the electrical and mechanical elements as well.
During the project, we processed over 9,200 tons of equipment. No incidents or accidents occurred on site. Our team worked quickly and effectively to ensure the project was completed on time.


collaboration between 7 business units


man hours


tons of equipment relocated

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