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Extrusion press main ram house upgrade

Precision Engineering Meets Heavy Lifting in Press Main Ram Housing Replacement

Challenge: Replacing the main ram housing of a massive 5100-ton extrusion press for an aluminium manufacturer in Texas, in a 3-week deadline.

Solution: Beck & Pollitzer USA deployed a 17-member team of expert riggers, millwrights, and engineers to tackle this complex machinery replacement project.

Services Performed:

  • Expert Rigging: Delicate dismantling and reinstallation of the 5100-ton main ram housing and accessory cylinders, ensuring optimal safety and precision.
  • Precise Machinery Replacement: Seamless transition from the old housing to a new, pre-assembled unit with a fresh main ram housing and cylinders.
  • Controlled Heavy Lifting: Utilising a 400-ton gantry to manoeuvre the massive replacement structure with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Custom Safety Strategies: Collaborating with dedicated health and safety staff to overcome challenges posed by an inclined ramp and heavyweight of the housing, upholding stringent safety protocols.


  • Project Success: On-time, on-budget completion within the critical 3-week timeframe.
  • Minimal Disruption: Minimized production downtime for the aluminium extrusion company.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The new main ram housing and cylinders promise improved performance and longevity.

Committed to delivering results, Beck & Pollitzer USA met the customer’s expectations by completing the entire project on time, adhering to safety protocols, and staying within budget. This successful industrial machinery replacement showcases our dedication to excellence in machine installation and rigging.

Facing a complex industrial machinery replacement project? Let Beck & Pollitzer expertise in rigging, machinery installation, and project management ensure a smooth, efficient, and safe operation. Contact us today for a customised solution.

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