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Successful completion of machinery transportation from France to Italy

Beck & Pollitzer France has completed the transportation of machinery for one of its clients, a renowned international group specializing in food packing for prestigious brands. The large transportation project had some logistical particularities, getting the team to complete the move in 2 phases.

The first phase consisted in disassembling three cutting machines, known as “Leopard”, “Baghera” and “RB4”. These were taken to their logistics centres where they were either stored or reassembled for temporary use.

The second transport phase consisted in disassembling and reassembling the “Tiger”, the final cutting machine. Once at its destination, this was finally installed as well.

The team faced further challenges in trying to coordinate the dismantling and reassembly operations with the reception and dispatching of other machinery, in order to maximise transport efficiency. Thanks to the expertise of the Beck & Pollitzer France technicians, the entire machinery transport was performed with no downtime to the end customer.

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