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Building products

Building products

Beck & Pollitzer has vast industry knowledge of building products. Our teams possess the technical ability to customize solutions to support a wide range of customer needs. However large or complex your project may be, we can guarantee its success.
Our engineers have a mix of skills, expertise and experience, enabling us to provide custom solutions for all projects. With over 30 offices around the world, we have global reach and can support our clients wherever they – or their projects – are located.
Building products vary and it is therefore important that Beck & Pollitzer remains informed of all modern handling processes. In the interest of providing our clients with the best service, we support the handling of building materials such as glass, wood, fibre-board, plasterboard and insulation.

We provide custom solutions for building product projects involving:

  • Glass
  • Wood processing
  • Fibreboard production
  • Plasterboard
  • Insulation
  • And more

Case Study

Worldwide plating equipment installation

Beck & Pollitzer was contracted by a long-term customer to install plating equipment for the electroplating industry. The installations took place in several countries around the world. Over the course of three years, our team worked in thirteen locations across the USA, China, India, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.
Whilst the scope of work was similar in each country, every location presented unique logistical challenges. Our team was responsible for unloading and unpacking all supplied parts, floor marking, the installation of steel structures, tank installations, covering, cable trays and the connection of secondary cables.
Over 2,500-man hours, the team installed over 362 pieces of equipment per location. They also supplied commissioning support.
This major equipment installation project was a success and the client has contracted Beck & Pollitzer to work with them on additional projects.


pieces of equipment relocated per project


man hours per project


client satisfaction

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