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Production lines relocation for a building products manufacturer in USA

Our expert heavy lifting and installation teams has undertaken a major project to relocate production lines without disturbing ongoing live production for a building products manufacturer in North Carolina.

20 pieces of equipment ranging in size from small standalone units to large, multi-assembly heavy machinery lines must be disassembled, disconnected and palletized into multiple shipping pieces for transportation from one plant in Lincolnton to another sister facility in the city.  Upon delivery at destination, all the pieces will then be offloaded, reassembled, and reconnected.

A 30-ton forklift and its well experienced operator has been capable of lifting, loading and unloading the heaviest subassembly of the whole project, a sandpaper punch press machine weighing over 20,000 lbs, to its final location.

Both origin and destination plants are running in full production presenting our crews with the challenge of coordinating with production activities to conduct work safely while causing the least amount of disruption to our client’s operations. Despite these complications, the first major milestone target date of the complete press installation was accomplished this week – marking the midpoint of the eight-week project duration.

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