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A complex robotic cell installation in North Carolina

Our highly skilled team based in the United States has accomplished the seamless completion of an industrial installation endeavour, encompassing the assembly of a robust robotic cell in an engine manufacturing facility in North Carolina. The project aimed to revolutionise production efficiency for an alternate fuels technology manufacturer by integrating a set of automatic cells and manual assembly stations into one cohesive system.

The Challenge: Our team was faced with a multifaceted challenge: to create a flexible, low-volume assembly line featuring 28 manual stations and 4 robotic cells with one of the robots weighing more than 15,000 pounds. This required a complex integration of different assembly tools, all mounted on 20-foot steel overhead structures. Additionally, we needed to seamlessly incorporate Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for product (engines) transportation between stations, navigating the floor beneath the steel structures. Safety was paramount as our crew worked from a total of 9 scissor lifts, with the constant risk of falling tools and materials.

The Solution: Our expert team tackled this challenge with precision and unwavering commitment to safety. The project began in June and involved offloading, mechanical and electrical installation, including air and lubrication pipelines. We ensured meticulous coordination and synchronisation of the assembly stations and robotic cells. The AGV integration was executed flawlessly, enhancing the overall efficiency of the assembly line.

Results and Future Prospects: Despite the intricacies involved, our team’s safety-first approach paid off. Throughout the project, no safety incidents occurred. The OEM and End-user are not only satisfied with our performance but also plan to collaborate with us on future opportunities. This project serves as a testament to the expertise of our team of 17 specialists, who delivered a complex, safe, and timely installation.

Conclusion: This project showcases our unwavering commitment to excellence in machinery installation, even in the most complex scenarios. We are proud to have transformed the manufacturing process for our client, and we invite you to explore how our expertise can benefit your organisation. ;Whether you have a machinery installation project in mind or are seeking solutions to enhance your production processes, contact us today to discover the full range of services we offer and how we can help you achieve your manufacturing goals. Your success is our priority.

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