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Seamless machinery installation for a tire mold manufacturer

Beck & Pollitzer, a trusted leader in the industrial assembly, recently executed a comprehensive machinery installation project for a prominent tire mold manufacturer in Hungary. Within a swift 18-day timeframe, our expert team flawlessly managed the unloading, transfer, and installation of nine intricate machines, showcasing our proficiency in machinery installation and industrial assembly.

Our dedicated crew not only handled the logistics of unloading and transportation but also undertook the crucial aspects of creating foundations, establishing electrical connections, and precisely siting the machinery. This turnkey project presented unique challenges, particularly with the dimensions of the facility’s doors and gates, which required meticulous planning to accommodate the various machines. Navigating through corridors unsuited for substantial machinery posed an additional challenge. However, our skilled team adeptly manoeuvred through these obstacles, ensuring a smooth installation process.

Adhering to stringent Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) guidelines, our team accomplished the project without a hitch, delivering a turnkey solution for the client. The successful machinery installation not only met high-quality control (QC) expectations but also left the client thoroughly satisfied.

Choose Beck & Pollitzer for your machinery installation needs and experience unparalleled expertise in industrial assembly. Call us today!

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