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Working at height safety training

Where safety is always a top priority

We don’t just talk about our commitment to safety here at Beck & Pollitzer. We take actions to ensure all our clients and employees know the importance we place on protecting our people.

One of the areas we focus on is working at height, with induction programmes and training courses featuring verbal instructions from experts, safety videos, and practical demonstrations of safety harness in action — all vital when installing industrial machinery and equipment.

We also take time to teach all the safety techniques required to work at height in the real world situations our people are likely to encounter during machine removal and installation projects with Beck & Pollitzer.

Beck & Pollitzer Czech attended working at height safety training, where even our Project Managers and Project Engineers experience what it’s like to work at height. Giving them real knowledge of what team members are expected to do, so they can truly relate to the challenges that on-site teams face.

The content of the training programmes all employees experience includes:

  • Moving around safely
  • Working in areas where there’s a risk of falling
  • Safely accessing the workplace
  • Using emergency equipment, including exit ladders
  • Treating an injured team member with first aid
  • Using an evacuation kit to get an injured team member the help they need

This training is an example of our safety commitment – nothing is left to chance, so every team member and client can have confidence that safety is always a top priority on every project we work on.

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