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Factory relocation, UK – Australia

Factory relocation from the UK to Australia for Richard Klinger Ltd, a manufacturing company

This week ThrowbackThursday shows a Beck & Pollitzer relocation project from the 1960s. As an international company with global reach, Beck & Pollitzer transported—and transports—machinery and other items via land, sea and air.

The photo is one of several images taken during a factory relocation from the UK to Australia. The client was Richard Klinger Ltd, a manufacturing company that originated in Sidcup. Whilst large amounts of plant machinery was taken to Western Australia by sea, several smaller pieces of equipment were packed and transported by air.

Today, Beck & Pollitzer not only relocate machinery to locations all over the world but also supports the Aerospace industry itself. We have been a key supplier to many high-profile Aerospace clients over the years—a commitment that requires impeccable attention to Health & Safety.

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