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Company overview: Beck & Pollitzer is the world’s leading provider of machine installation and relocation services. We are a company committed to providing high quality service for all our clients, regardless of project size.
From single machinery removal and installations to factory and machinery relocation from one continent to another, we can cater to all client needs. Our Business have a network of 1000+ employees in over 30 offices across the UK, Europe, Asia, America and Australia which means we are uniquely positioned to undertake local projects or offer global support.
Our customers are as versatile as our employees and skills and range from small organisations to multi-national enterprises and OEMs. Whether you are a small company developing new technologies, or an industrial giant, we can help with all machine installation and relocation needs.
Beck & Pollitzer services include Machine Services, Engineering Services, Engineering Management and Specialist Services.
To find out more, please visit our Services page or Contact Us.
Beck & Pollitzer is very flexible and has the expertise and tools required to deal with any challenges.

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Company overview: Senior Leadership Team

  • Adrian Cios

    Managing Director APAC

    Project Management, Cross-cultural Strategic Business Development, International experience in Operational, Financial & Commercial Management

    Joined In
    May 2003

  • Wayne Oliver

    Managing Director USA

    Large Scale Project Management, Business and Organizational Development, Contract Negotiations, Labor Relations, Mergers and Acquisitions

    Joined In
    February 2024

  • Wojciech Cofur

    Managing Director Central Europe

    International Business Law, Commercial Contract Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Due Diligence process, Business & Organisational Development

    Joined In
    January 2015

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