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Beck & Pollitzer France new HQ office

The French Connection: Same street, new office

A new HQ office for Beck & Pollitzer France? That’s a great reason to open a few bottles of wine, right? Even if the new office is only a little further down the same street as the old one!

Our French team took time out to toast the old office, share some great memories, and welcome in the new office, which is a lot bigger, ensuring there’s plenty of space for the team to grow. Everyone at the little party was delighted to be joined by colleagues from Beck & Pollitzer Czech, who were in France supporting them on an important project.

Our new address for Beck & Pollitzer France HQ is:

85, Rue de Champs des Oiseaux, 59230 Saint Amand les Eaux, France. It’s not number 25 anymore!

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